Air 7

Squad 7-15

Air 7 is a 2004 Crimson Custom on a Spartan Chassis. This piece is the newest in our frontline apparatus. Air 7 is a multi-purpose piece of apparatus capable of Air Cascade work, power, and lighting.

The Air system consists of 6 - 6000 psi cascade cylinders, an onboard Mako compressor rated at 14 cfm, and a 2 position Mako fill station. This allows us to have an unlimited supply of Grade E breathing air. (This rating is higher than the Grade D requirement for SCBA cylinders). We have a 200\' High-pressure reel, allowing for confined space operations, and filling in-house cascade cylinders. With our fill station we can fill the 2216 psi, 3000psi, and 4500 psi SCBA cylinders without changing fill whips. A wide assortment of adapters is also carried, to allow us to be compatible with most air systems not using the Lancaster County Standard VHC-4 air fitting.

The heart of the power portion of this piece is a 40kW Onan PTO driven generator. This generator supplies 2 - 200\' cord reels, and multiple outlets around the piece. This generator also powers the lighting surrounding the Squad.

The lighting consists of 4 - 500W body mounted Halogen IR Quartz lights, 2 - 10\' Tripod mounted Halogen IR\'s and a 16\' Wilbert light tower outfitted with 6 - 900W Halogen IR Quartz lights for a total of 9,000W of light output around the Squad.

We recently placed in service a Mobile Vehicular Repeater system by Pyramid Communications.  This system allows us to use UHF portable radios to interface with our current Low-band Radio system.  This means we will have greater in-building communication coverage and also allows us to communicate between crew members without using the already limited legacy channels.  In essence it is like having a 110W portable radio in your hand.

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