Engine 7-2

Engine 7-15-2

Engine 7-2 is a 1995 Pierce Saber. Engine 2 is setup as our non-structural engine, responding to vehicle accidents, etc, although also capable of structural response. It has a 1500 gpm Waterous single stage pump with a 500 gallon water tank. There is 1000\' of 5" supply line, along with 2 - 1 3/4" x 200\' crosslays, 1 - 1 3/4" x 100\' trash line on the front bumper and 1-2 1/2" x 200\' preconnect off the rear.

Engine 2 carries a few pieces of equipment that are not carried on Engine 1, like a 24" PPV fan and an AED. This allows us to run Medical locals with EMS for the unconscious persons.

Engine 2 is the 2nd oldest piece of apparatus in our fleet, being 11 years old. It is well kept, so it really doesn\'t show it\'s age...pride in appearance plays a big part in that.

A few recent additions were made to Engine 7-2. We added a set of Rescue struts, which will allow us to complete some advanced stabilization techniques during vehicle rescues, etc.  We also recently placed in service a Mobile Vehicular Repeater system by Pyramid Communications.  This system allows us to use UHF portable radios to interface with our current Low-band Radio system.  This means we will have greater in-building communication coverage and also allows us to communicate between crew members without using the already limited legacy channels.  In essence it is like having a 110W portable radio in your hand.

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